It’s a brand new year and thus time for a new look on your website, right? The interesting thing about web design is that each year, different elements of design become popular or decrease in popularity. Some website design elements can be considered “timeless” but it’s extremely rare and even then, it all depends on your audience and what you write about or sell. So what are the current trends in web design?

It Circles Back Around.


One of the current trends in web design are circles. There are a lot of reasons for this. One of them is because a circle, in some ways, represents harmony and completeness.

Web designers of today typically use circles in calls to action or buttons on each page. Although it is becoming increasingly more popular to use it in other ways for website design and development.


Today, some of the most well-loved website design is animated. Whether it be an animated background or animated words or buttons, people like the engaging feel of animation and movement in general when it comes to web design.

It’s All in the Typography

In the last year, we have begun to see a return in classic fonts. It seems that most people think bigger and bolder equals better when it comes to a font and layout on their website. This is allowing a branch of individualism among websites that didn’t exist before. In 2018, it is predicted that we will continue to see a rise and development of bold typography and creativity when it comes to web design.

Mobile Taking Over the Web

In 2017, the amount of time people spent mobile browsing finally exceeded that of the browsing people do on desktop. This has made designers more concerned than ever with taking extra care with the way a site looks on mobile. In some cases, businesses are hiring a website design agency to completely redesign their website to make sure it can be used effectively and still be aesthetically appealing on mobile. If your business doesn’t have mobile web browsing capabilities, it’s time to hire a website design agency to do the work for you. Why? Because every day you’re losing business by not having a website that is easily navigated or that even works on a mobile device. Don’t sacrifice business.

There are lots of website design trends that are either coming back around, or that have been around awhile and still burning strong. Some of the latest trends which include odd shapes and bold colors are just being introduced to the world of the internet and are expected to stick around awhile and even exceed expectations. It’s certainly something worth watching and learning more about. The ever-changing world of website design can be a fascinating thing to observe, so we hope you enjoy the trends of 2018!

Web Design Trends For 2018

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