If you’re a parent, there’s never been an easier time to keep your kids safer, healthier, and in touch with home, whether they’re across town at a friend’s house or across the world on an internship. Every day, new technologies are  hitting the market every day that allow parents to keep an eye on their little ones, help them learn, or just get  them the recommended amount of daily exercise. Whether you’re living in Florida and want a gadget that can help you keep an eye on your kiddo at the beach or in one of the latest NYC condos want to keep your little one entertained when you can’t finagle a trip to the park, these are the tools every parent needs this year:

Garmin Viofit Jr. 2: Schools are cutting recess left and right, and many people living in urban centers simply don’t want to brave the crowds at the local park on a daily basis—so how do you ensure your kids get enough exercise? With the Garmin Viofit Jr. 2, parents can keep tabs on how many steps their kids are taking on a daily basis, ensuring that their little ones are staying healthy and active.

Amazon Fire Tablet : While you might not want to hand your pricey iPad over to your accident-prone kiddo, the Amazon Fire presents a durable alternative that allows your little ones to play games, watch videos, and read books—all with the benefit of easy-to-use parental controls that ensure they won’t see anything they shouldn’t.

Evo App-Connected Coding Robot: Want to get your kids excited about STEM in a way their typical math and science classes simply can’t? Then snag the Evo, a programmable coding robot that teaches them how to code through game play so that they can teach their robot to move and light up.

Find My Kids GPS Watch: If you want to give your kid a little independence, but aren’t thrilled with the idea of them venturing out into the world untethered, the Find My Kids GPS Watch is for you. Not only can you track where your kid is going via a connected mobile app, they can also use the watch to send and receive messages, take video and audio recordings while they’re out, and call for help.

Google Home: While some families are lucky enough to live in homes with integrated Amazon smarthome systems, like the NYC apartments for rent at EVGB in the East Village, which have an Amazon Echo system pre-installed, others will have to install their own hub. Fortunately, systems like Google Home make it easy for kids to do everything from setting the home security system to playing music to turning lights on and off with just their voice, leaving parents confident that their little ones aren’t meddling with potentially-dangerous appliances in their absence.

Whether you want to know where your kid is when they leave the house or want to keep them busy for hours, these devices are the perfect presents for your progeny—in fact, they’re so cool, they might not even realize that the real gift is you knowing they’re staying safe, entertained, and learning some important skills along the way.

Top 5 Tech Items Every Parent Needs for Their Child

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