Shopping for the kids in your family at the holidays can be a challenge. While you don’t want to clutter up your space (or theirs) with another piece of disposable plastic junk that will be broken or discarded in a year’s time, getting them solely books and items of clothing doesn’t exactly make for a fun holiday, either. If you’re looking for gifts the little ones in your life will love that can actually help them educationally as well, look no further than these must-have tech gifts:

Sphero SPRK+: Is it a toy? Is it a robot? Whatever you choose to categorize it as, it’s clear that the Sphero SPRK+ is one amazing gift. While it looks like little more than a ball with lights inside, the Sphero SPRK+ is actually a powerful tool for kids, helping them learn to love STEM. This codable, programmable robot can paint, swim, and even master mazes with the right instruction.

Nintendo Switch: Want to give your kids something fun to play with, but don’t feel like cluttering up your living room with another game system, try the NIntendo Switch. This handheld gaming system has the functionality of a Wii U, but can be packed away in a drawer when your kids are done playing.

Cue: This tiny robot packs a whole lot of educational potential. Cue is an ideal gift for middle schoolers, teaching them important skills, like JavaScript, to customize their robot’s functionality, helping it interact with other robots or simply chase the dog around the house.

3Doodler PowerPuff Yourself: If your kids love making things, but aren’t quite old enough to have their own 3D printer, the 3Doodler is a happy medium. This 3D printing pen lets kids create their own PowerPuff Girls toys in a matter of minutes, helping them understand the larger concept of 3D printing in the process.

VTech Kidizoom: Is your kid always trying to grab your phone to practice taking pictures with? Keep your electronics safe while nurturing their creativity by getting them a VTech Kidizoom. This kid-friendly camera has both front- and rear-facing cameras and can help teach your children about the art photography before you hand them a pricier camera to shoot with.

Give your kids the gifts of education and fun in one package this Christmas by getting them some tech toys for the home. Not only will these gifts help them learn, they’ll also give them plenty of playtime, too. Before you shell out another dollar on a gift that will only hold their interest for a few hours, put some of these tech gifts under the tree.


Top 5 Tech-Friendly Gifts For Kids This Christmas

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