So, you’ve earned your online MBA degree and you are now ready to take on your newly appointed role as CEO. Yes, it’s a small company, but growth is on the horizon and if you really want to help speed that up a bit, you’ll recognize that technology is your friend. As a matter of fact, you should already be aware of that since you did your masters work online! Now let’s put some of that technology to work for you so that you can bring your company quickly forward into the 21st Century. Here is an assortment of techy gadgets you just might want to use.

1. Apple Watch

One of the best features being lauded by CEOs is the scheduling alarm that tells you of an upcoming meeting in minutes (or hours!) so that you don’t miss that important opportunity to get a contract you’ve been yearning for since long before you even dreamed of enrolling in an online MBA program. Since you wear your Apple Watch there is no chance you’ll leave it sitting on a desk somewhere like your cell phone, which means you’ll never miss an important reminder again.

2. Fitbit Wearable – Fitbit Alta

If there is one thing that is common to all CEOs, it would be stress. Sometimes it’s the stress of the job and other times it is simply poor circulation or high blood pressure due to inactivity. With a Fitbit wearable you can track your vitals, be warned of any problems before they become major, and you will be able to go on about your day, knowing that you have (for lack of a better word!) a clinician attached to your body at all times. How nice and safe is that?

3. Pen / Stylus Combination

Another minor irritation which confronts most CEOs today is always trying to operate a touchscreen with your pen and on the flip side, trying to sign a check with your stylus. Why not get a clickable pen / stylus combination where you can click the ball point in and out and use the gadget as a stylus for your touch screen when the point is retracted. This is a favorite gadget among CEOs in recent years.

4. Mobile Charging Station

Sometimes you are out and about at meeting after meeting and all of a sudden you notice your cell phone is at less than 10% charge. Why not carry a small mobile charging station, small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, with enough power to charge up your phone’s battery two or three times over!

These are just a few of the techy gadgets today’s CEO shouldn’t go without, but the one thing they all have in common is to take the very best of technological advances and make them work harder. You are busy and your time is at a premium. Make use of techy gadgets and you might even have a bit of time left over for you!


Techy Gadgets for Today’s CEO

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