Technology can be a great aid to student life. Studying in school or on an online MBA degree program can be a challenging, and yet incredibly rewarding, task. You’ll need to put in a lot of hard work, but once you have graduated a huge range of different career paths will be open to you. Using technology to help you can make it a much easier, and more exciting, experience.


Tablets are a great way to work on the go. But they are also fantastic for entertainment. Watch your favorite TV shows or films on long journeys. Play games to help you unwind. Tablets can be incredibly handy when you have a busy lifestyle.


Like tablets, smartphones can be used for so much. There are some great apps such as Evernote to help you study on your phone. But you can also use it to set alarms, save appointments, surf the internet, catch up with social media and take photographs. You can even make phone calls on it.

Lightweight Laptop

While smartphones and tablets are a great addition to your technology arsenal, nothing beats a laptop for making notes in lectures and writing up essays. Lightweight laptops such as the HP Stream are great for carrying between lectures or taking away for the weekend. Make sure to also invest in an external hard drive to keep all your files backed up and safe.


While you can use your smartphone camera, and some of them are exceptionally good, there may be times when you want a higher quality, or a more professional looking, photograph. As a student, you are sure to meet a lot of new people, and have many fun adventures, so a camera is a great investment. Who knows, if you have a talent for it, you could even make some extra cash selling your photographs to a stock website.


It can be unbelievably tempting as a student to sit in front of a computer all day in your pajamas, eating unhealthy food. However, falling into bad health and fitness habits now could have awful consequences, both now and in the long term. A poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to depression, fatigue, illnesses and weight gain. A Fitbit not only tracks your activities, it motivates you to get up and moving. You’ll find it is incredibly easy to do some extra steps by making a few simple changes to your daily routine.


E-readers, such as the kindle Voyage are brilliant for students. Online MBA programs often come with huge amounts of reading. In most cases, you will find they are available as digital downloads from Amazon. You will also find they are often slightly cheaper than the print versions. So, you’ll be saving your back by not carrying huge textbooks around, as well as saving money.

Studying an online MBA is a great way to further your education. If it is something you are interested in pursuing, look online for more course information before you apply. Then make sure you have got all the technology you need to be successful.

The Tech All MBA Students Need

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