It’s very tempting to expand your Instagram followers by using one of the many offered schemes that will create ‘fake followers’ for you, or indeed to do the same on any of the other social media platforms. Numbers are important, after all, and it makes you look a lot more relevant if you have more followers – even if they are not real, right?

Well, no, to be honest! It’s something that you really should not do, and there are a few good reasons why! To begin with, your presence on social media – and in particular on Instagram – is about engaging with followers and – ultimately – selling them your product or service; you are not going to get any business, or engagement, out of fake followers, and remember you’ve paid for them!

It may be tempting to subscribe and boost your numbers, but any social media community management expert will tell you it’s a waste of time and effort. Here are a few more reasons you should steer away from fake follower accounts:

1 – Terms of Service: you might overlook them and treat them as irrelevant, but like all special media platforms, Instagram is very serious about its terms of service. Using fake accounts is strictly forbidden, so you stand the risk of being removed from Instagram if you are found flouting this, and it is not worth the risk. Believe us when we say that Instagram is always on the look out for fake accounts, and will delete them when found – leaving you out of pocket.

2 – Spam and Bots: fake accounts will undoubtedly be immersed in spam – in fact, when all is said and done, they are spam – and attract bots which may leave irrelevant and inappropriate comments on your posts. This will not impress your actual followers, so is not at all desirable.

3 – Ruined Credibility: part of your presence on social media is the drive to build up your reputation as an influencer. You might have begun the rise to prominence in this – and then it is suddenly revealed you have fake followers! In one instance, all your credibility is lost – as are a good number of your real followers – and it is nigh on impossible to come back from such a devastating fall.

4 – No Earnings – we’ve already mentioned this, but it’s worth highlighting again: you will pay for your fake followers – it may be a very small fee but it’s still an outgoing – and from these followers you get precisely nothing back. No income, no engagement, no wider circle of potential followers – nothing. It’s money that you spend and get no return on – so it’s wasted where it could be put to better use!

In summary, buying fake followers is a step that no reputable business or individual will take; it’s a desperate measure, and one that reaps no rewards. If you want to be someone on social media and especially on Instagram, you need to keep things real – don’t be tempted by the fake follower ads, instead, work hard at getting the real ones on board!

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Followers

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