Every aspiring photographer chases a certain type of project based on their personal interests and preferences. A product photographer, for example, has a comprehensive portfolio on product photography and tends to look for projects in this genre. The same can be said for travel photographers, fashion photographers, and those specializing in other genres.

While sticking with the projects you really love is a fantastic approach, there will be times when you would need to take on a project just to support yourself and survive the market; I know, because I’ve been there myself. There are interesting photography projects that can help you survive the market and we are going to review some of them in this article.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-weds are among the more exciting projects to grab, even when you are not into wedding photography. Pre-wedding photography involves a lot of creativity and isn’t necessary governed by strict rules and schedules. As a matter of fact, you can propose unique and interesting concepts to the couples you work with, meaning you can alter the tone of the project to better suit your style.

Pre-wedding photography pays relatively well too. You don’t have to worry about travel expenses and other costs, since the couple pays for everything. You can focus on producing the best photos and keeping the clients as happy as they can be.

Many professional photographers I know started their career while taking on pre-weds on the side. Pre-wedding photography also lets you connect with great people – the couples you photograph – and expand your network. A follow-up project isn’t unlikely at all.

Corporate Photography

If you love taking portraits, the corporate market is one of the best to explore. There is a high demand for good corporate photography services these days. New businesses are entering the market, existing ones are growing, and there are plenty of changes in personnel and key figures happening. All of these are opportunities for you to grab.

You can start with the simplest of projects, such as taking pictures of employees for their ID cards. Most businesses invest in their own ID card printers supplied by ID Security Online, so you only need to bring your portable photo studio to their offices to handle this type of project. Work your way up and you’ll start handling corporate portraits in no time.

Stock Photo

Many photographers don’t really take stock photography business seriously due to the small commissions you can now earn from $1 stock photo sites. In reality, the stock photo business is still very rewarding; you just have to know which stock photo services to use.

Getty Images, for instance, screens photographers and their stock photos rather strictly. Pass the scrutiny, however, and you can earn a healthy income from selling your photos online. Even top editorial photographers use the services of Getty Images to sell their photos to big news outlets and other clients.

Taking stock photos also means you can continue to expand your portfolio website here on Exposure.co. Be sure to add new photos and keep your Exposure.co website updated to attract more clients.

Photography Projects to Help You Survive the Market

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