There are more mobile phones out there than people. They are by our sides at all times. They are within easy reach and picked up several times a day. They are used for searches, social media, maps, and so much more. In short, if your company cannot be easily accessed on these phones, then you are missing out on a massive audience.

Why Does Your Site Need to Be Optimized for Mobile?

Your site needs to be optimized for mobile because people use their phones. They are addicted to them. They go between apps and web pages, and they buy and sell all on their phone. Smartphones are supercomputers, and they can actually be used in replacement of many laptops (with the exception of those who need to run RAM heavy programs and games).

How Can You Ensure It is Optimized?

There are a few ways that you can ensure that your website is optimized for mobile:

1. Use a Mobile-Friendly Theme

If you do not have a dedicated programmer, chances are you relied on a pre-made theme and CMS like WordPress in order to get your site up and running. This is fine, but you do need to ensure that the theme that you have chosen does support mobile formatting. If it doesn’t, then you won’t have the option to customize your site for mobile, and therefore have limited control over how the website translates into a smaller screen.

2. Check on Different Platforms

If you do have a dedicated programmer, then periodically check through your site’s mobile features. You can have friends and family test it as well and give your employees simple tasks to keep up to date with whether or not everything works as it should.

How Can You Make Your Mobile Site a Success?

Once your site is optimized, you will want to go through these steps to make it into an even bigger success:

1. Focus on SEO

Just because you are on a phone does not mean search engines cannot and don’t play a critical role in how well you are found. People use search engines all the time on their phones because it is the easiest tool in the world to check up on facts, see what events are going on, what is in their vicinity, and so on. If you don’t rank well on Google here, especially as a local company, then you might as well not exist in the real world. To rank well, you will need to audit your website, ensure it is running perfectly, and then go to an SEO agency like Click Intelligence to benefit from their white hat link building services.

2. Think About What Channels Send Traffic to You

If you have the largest customer base on Instagram, then you need to be able to use their business features. Tagging your products into your posts and having your site optimized so that users can then go seamlessly from product photo to product page is huge.

You must offer your customers a seamless experience. They need to be able to find you with ease, go from one platform to another with ease, and buy from you with ease. If you do not make it easy, then you cannot get the profits you are looking for.

How to Optimize Your Mobile Site for Search Ranking Success

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