If you thought that you had seen the worlds best looking TV then it is time to retune your brain and think again. The new Philips 6900 TV is one of the best-looking TVs that we at TNC have ever laid our eyes on. The TV sports a bezel free design, making look amazing and to tell you the truth, it really is amazing.

Philips has done some very intricate and detailed work to make this TV have as little bezel as possible. It actually looks like there is no bezel at all on the TV when in fact there is 1.2mm (millimeters) of bezel, which is such a tiny amount that you will not even notice. Compared to some of the other highflying TVs on the market, this new TV comes with the one of the smallest, if not, THE smallest bezel.

The TV also comes with 3D and 2D to 3D conversion. It also allows you to play two games on one screen, which means each player will see a different game on the one screen.

New Philips TV has so much bezel, its ridiculous!

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