While parents are often bombarded with recommendations about how to introduce technology into their kids’ lives — whether screen time is a daily occurrence or a weekly treat, whether tablets are an educational tool or TV in disguise, etcetera — one thing is for sure: kids are going to be exposed to technology whether you like it or not. While kids likely won’t be impressed by the same high-tech gadgets as their parents, like the Bosch appliances in luxury buildings like Chelsea29, there are plenty of gizmos that they’ll be delighted to use day in and day out. For savvy parents, the best decision is teaching kids how to use technology at home that keeps them safe and makes them smarter in the process. Here’s how:


Swap out your regular locks for smart locks: Instead of having your kids carry around a set of keys that can be easily lost, replace the locks on your home with a set of smart locks. Smart locks can be used with a smartphone, key code, or a fingerprint scanner, making them a safer bet for kids and your home.


Get a digital assistant: Teach your kids responsibility and make their lives easier with one addition to your home: a digital assistant. Whether you choose an Amazon Echo or Google Home system, adding one of these fun gadgets to your house will allow your kids to make calls in case of an emergency, look up recipes, find out the weather, play music, make lists, and even control your TV.


Install a home automation system: Most accidents happen at home, but having a home automation system installed can help make things safer for you and your little ones. Whether controlled through an app or a digital assistant, like the Amazon Echo, home automation systems, or via a smartphone app, a home automation system allows kids to turn on lights or appliances at the touch of a button or via voice command without having to fumble for plugs or grab for an out-of-reach light switch.


Set up some Bluetooth headphones: If there’s one thing most parents could use more of, it’s peace and quiet. Luckily, a pair of Bluetooth headphones with microphone capability can help solve the dilemma of your kid’s loud music or landline calls. Bluetooth headphones enable your kids to take their music through the house with them without wires, making it possible for you to enjoy your Shostakovich in the living room while they blast Skrillex in their bedroom.


Use a video intercom system: Yelling down the stairs that dinner’s ready is so 2016. This year, make communication a little bit easier (and quieter) with a video intercom. Installing a video intercom system means you can page your kids (or vice versa) when meals are ready, when it’s time to leave for school, or even use one as a baby monitor for the littlest members of your family.

Keeping your kids entertained and independent at home is easier than you think. Just a few technological upgrades for your home can make it a place you can be confident your kids will grow to be tech-savvy and safe in one fell swoop.



How to Make Your Home Tech Friendly For Kids

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