What is more important, weather prediction or detection? The answer is that both prediction and detection are vitally important for forecasting weather as accurately as possible. Here are some weather protection and detection differences along with some ways that they work together in order to provide the most accurate weather forecasting available.


Put simply, weather detection is the discovery of an atmospheric condition such as a change in barometric pressure, or an activity that is presently happening, such as a tornado or lightning. What is not so simple is finding weather events that can evade detection, such as in-cloud lightning. Advanced weather detection tools are now available to discover conditions that can greatly influence the weather and impact safety.


Prediction of the weather utilizes accumulated scientific information about atmospheric processes to predict its changes. The state of the atmosphere at a certain time and place is the other factor that is necessary for prediction. A result of the combination of weather information and the scientific knowledge of weather behavior is the ability to forecast the weather.


Forecasting the weather quickly and accurately can make a difference when severe weather is a possibility. Observations can be turned into analyses of what weather conditions are likely to happen next. Advanced forecasting can help a business protect assets, limit liability exposures, and it can even mean the difference between life and death in some cases. That is why many localized weather centers incorporate a severe weather tracker for a full picture of what weather may occur.

Weather tracking tools have now become a necessary staple for outdoor recreation centers such as golf courses, learning institutions, and airports. The accurate information facilitates early warning of dangerous conditions while limiting false warnings. Having advanced meteorological information at your fingertips in easy to digest formats makes a world of difference when you have to make decisions that affect hundreds or even thousands of people. Contact us at Earth Networks to learn about our advanced global infrastructure that helps you make local decisions.

Is It Prediction or Detection?

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