You might have already heard about Apple’s plans to launch their iWatch as well as Samsung’s plans to launch their Smart-watch. Now this time it’s Google who has just decided to launch their Smart-Watch too. Financial Times reported recently that Google is already working on an android smart watch in their Android Unit (which gives us a clue about the Operating System of the watch)!

To be frank what surprised me is, why Google planned to develop this smart-watch in the android unit instead of their X-Lab, considering almost all Google’s past incredible devices born in their X-Labs. Anyway if this smart-watch is being developed in the Android Unit, you will be seeing the watch in the consumer market sooner than we might think. They could simply launch it earlier than Apple’s iWatch release which is due for the end of this year according to rumors.

Financial Times noted that Google had filed a patent application for a smart-watch in 2011. The patent included a dual screen device with an interactive user interface.Now will we see another patent war, thats a slight possibility as there already plenty of wrist gadgets from other manufacturers, like Nike’s Fuelband for one example.

The smart-watch market is also target to several new companies, start-ups, non tech giants etc. Last month we reported about Neptune Pine android Powered Smart Watch, which is another example for an awesome smart-watch developed by not a tech giant like Google, Apple, Samsung etc. We will have to wait and see how the entry of tech giants in this market will affect the other companies’ wrist gadget products like Pebble wristwatch, 007 inspired Martian Passport Watch etc.

Google Have Android Smart Watch in the Pipeline

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