Hp recently published their findings of their work on a science journal about their works to develop a technology by which you will be able to experience 3D in smart-phones without wearing glasses.

Glasses-free 3D has been in works by several companies, but the technology meant for a smart-phone is a first attempt as far as we know. The Nintendo has implemented this glasses-free 3D for their 3DS hand-held game in which you will have to look straight to the screen without moving your head.. But in this case HP is trying to create the technology by which users will be able to move their heads as they like or even look from whatever angles they prefer and have the 3D experience.

Also HP says the experience will be like the princess Leia hologram from ‘Star Wars’ movie. The paper describes the technology to have a multi view approach which uses several optical tricks to create the 3D images. There will be some tiny circular grooves etched onto the surface of the device which will opp out different views and colors which will essentially from the 3D image which can be seen from any angle as long as we are at a 45 degree away from the center of the screen maximum.

Glasses Free 3D In The Works From HP

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