If you have a TV that is capable to content to the internet then why don’t you? Doing so will open up so many doors within your viewing experience. On demand TV, videos and IPTV are just a few options that become open to you. You will also be able to access your social networks like Facebook and twitter on the biggest screen you have. If this is something that appeals to you there a few steps you will need to take:

Broadband internet connection

Wired router

Many modern TV’s are fitted with an Ethernet port. This allows you to connect with the broadband router. Once this connection is in place you will need to search through your TV’s menu and locate its network options, this is normally located in the settings option. Select wired networking and you will be able to access the internet via your TV from that point onwards.

Wireless router

Some of the latest TV’s come with the wireless network option; this allows you to connect to the internet via your TV without the need for cables. This can be slightly more complex than using the Ethernet port, but well worth the effort. Once again within your TV settings you need to locate the wireless network setup option. You will then be presented with the internet networks that your TV could detect. You will need to select your network and provide the password for that network. If you are unsure of the password it is normally located on your router or your internet provider will give you it.

Once one of these processes is complete you will be able to use your TV in the way you would a normal monitor. You can customize the services as you like and exchange media files (images, videos, music etc) via DLNA. You can take the media centre as far as you want with the addition of surround sound speakers & blackout curtains to name just two other options that will improve your media centre.

Create Your Own Media Centre

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