The Android operating system took the mobile phone world by storm, and is now among the most popular of all. Easy to use, versatile and powerful, it is the chosen system for many of the top manufacturers, including the market-leading Samsung. You probably use your smartphone to access the internet – indeed it is now the most popular method of browsing the web – and most likely do so using public W-Fi hotspots. The availability of these has led to a terrific rise in the use of mobiles on the move, but there are some things you need to be aware of.

To begin with, as a public Wi-Fi network is open to all, it does not carry the security level that your home or office network does. This means that when you use it, you may be vulnerable to viruses – which begs the question, is your smartphone protected? It’s a curious thing: you will have protected your laptop or home computer, but what about your hand-held devices? You need to make sure that you have them protected, and we found a great free antivirus app for Android, designed by leading name AVG. We recommend you check it out now, as it is an invaluable addition to your phone.

Viruses and Hacking

The simple fact is this: you can never be 100% guaranteed safe online, as there are always people who are clever enough to get around firewalls and overcome virus protection. However, being completely unprotected is simply inviting them in, so you simply must have protection on your smartphone, especially if you use it in public places. The apps are all well-designed, tested and easy to install and use, so you have the perfect opportunity to add protection to your phone.

You can browse safe in the knowledge you have anti-virus software on your phone, but you should never be complacent. For instance, most of us will have an online banking facility. This is one of the most problematic areas, and it is strongly recommended you do not use it when in a public place. If you must, then take care to be vigilant, and make sure you are not overlooked as it takes only a few seconds for someone to see your password. Be aware of who is around you, and never give your details to anyone else, plus be careful when choosing passwords – make sure they are not directly relatable to information about you that is available online.

Enjoy Your Browsing

The internet is a wonderful thing, and has many uses, so we recommend that you add protection now to enjoy your browsing. Millions of smartphones are unprotected, and they are the ones that the unscrupulous hackers and troublesome viruses will target. Make it more difficult for them, and you make it less likely that your phone will be the one that comes under attack, so have a look at the AVG website now, and get yourself free virus protection for your Android device.

Is Your Android Device Protected?

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