T9 Keyboard for Android Phones (Nexus One)

One feature I think Google Nexus One lacks is the availability of a T9 Keypad. The Android keyboard is great but there are still instances wherein you will find a T9 keypad more helpful. One of these instances is texting with one hand which can be quite troublesome if you do it on the default Android Keyboard. After using the Nexus One I bought for a few days, I started searching for a T9 Keyboard which I can use to replace the default keyboard. I encountered Better Android Keyboard, which looks really nice, but it’s no longer available in the Android market.

I stopped searching since I already tried so hard. But earlier this evening, I bumped into the Handcent T9 Keyboard. The aesthetics looks nice but it doesn’t work the same way as the other T9 Keypads on any other normal cellular phone. It outputs numbers first until you hit a word that matches the T9 dictionary, that’s when you can select the word from the suggestion list. Using it is pretty stressful since you have to pay attention to the suggestions list for most of the time which is quite inconvenient.

Upon further Googling for keyboard alternatives, I found the perfect solution for my problem: Smart Keyboard PRO. Smart Keyboard Pro supports several input languages, compact keyboard layout, auto rotation of keyboard and auto shifting of keyboard layouts, and most importantly, it supports T9 input. What a relief. I immediately installed the keyboard and it works better than the first one.

The full PRO version of the application is not free but you may download and use the FREE version (with a few features missing).

Here’s a screenshot of the T9 Keyboard from Smart Keyboard Pro.

To download the application into your device, simply scan the 2D barcode below:


  1. Howdyhoo says:

    You should try (Evenbetter)Numberpad Keyboard on the market. If you’re looking for T9, it’s by far the best, including abc mode, 123, predict, as well as automatic word prediction learning and a next button. It’s my favorite, and highly recommend it!


  2. caesar says:

    thanks you so much…i’ve been searching for a t9 keyboard since i purchased my phone,,and now, i found this…THANKS.. ~_~


  3. Maricar Aurelio says:

    can you send me downloadble link for t9 keyboard? i also have an android phone, but it’s samsung spica.


  4. Hugo wolfbrandt says:

    How. Do. I download it. From my phone?(x8)


  5. John says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ve had my first all touch screen phone for awhile now, and I could manage skype, but I didn’t love it, and I couldn’t get use to the android keyboard and it’s random predictions. I had downloaded numberpad keyboard but it lagged really bad. This is great! It’s just what I’ve been looking for and is definitely worth the money, thanks so much!


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