Cebu Toshiba Concept Store

New line of laptops from Toshiba

SM City Cebu has added another techy store to the delight of tech lovers in Cebu.

Toshiba company finally opened up a  Toshiba Concept store in Cebu dedicated to products of Toshiba and also a service center in the store. This gives customers a sense of assurance that if anything goes wrong in their products they have someone to go to.

Nice texture and a wide keyboard for the netbooks

Then again, must we expect something bad to happen to our Toshiba Laptops? Apparently the videos demonstrated in the store showed how resistant these laptops are.

new line of netbooks to answer to the Student's needs

The quality, design and strength of these laptops are not the only things present in Toshiba products. The new hand gesture technology brings computing to a whole new different level.

This technology involves the moving of the hand in formations of fists, thumbs up and open palm to send different commands from dragging to clicking.

The bloggers in Cebu were able to have the opportunity to be one of the first few to test out these new line of products from Toshiba. I myself was greatly fascinated by this new technology as it was only just a few months ago that I saw some kind of demo video about this cool stuff.

I believe the technology incorporates principles from the smile recognition technology in cameras and puts it into commands via hand gestures.

Demonstrating the hand gesture technology

The hand gestures involved the closed fist which directs and drags the cursor, then the thumbs up which clicks on where the cursor is.

I enjoyed trying it out even though if my hand was still rather awkward in the upright position. Maybe some day when I have something like that I can start working on those hand gestures.

The big flashy sign that says: Come on! buy toshiba!


  1. beauty telle says:

    available na ba sa kanila mga tablet pc ng toshiba?


  2. Hello,
    naa moy contact number and address nila? Gkan davao sir, nagapangita ko ug Mini NB305-310, Qosmio X505-Q880 ug Portege M780 na Intel i7.


    Evanjohnn Reply:

    Davao na contact? I’m not too sure, I don’t have no. nila. T__T sorry


    empressv.karen Reply:

    ay mali!
    I mean, naa moy contact # and address sa Cebu Toshiba? Gkan ako davao sir :D. sensya sa mali


  3. juvy says:


    gusto ko mopalit og toshiba na laptop kahit 1Gb lang or maybe 2GB how much then asa ko mg pay then asa pd nako makuha ang item ky sa pagadian man gd and amo.a tnx and more power!


  4. mindaya says:

    hi ..i got a new laptop iand bought it in cebu toshiba sm shop then 1 day my daughter just made some scratches on the monitor screen..pwede pani ma ayo?please email me,,i nees to know ..


  5. mindaya says:

    smal scratches in the screen monitor jud bot daghan,im worried cz its nt good to look at.wapa nag 1 year ni cya,pwede pani mailisan ang screen?and how much will it cost?need some info please..samok sa mata oag basa nako kay may mha scratches na..


    Evanjohnn Reply:

    Hi Mindaya, I’m afraid it will cost you but don’t worry. The screen can be replaced. It’ll probably cost around 5000php or even more. The repair can take up to 2weeks or more depending on the availability of the part. Fortunately the Toshiba Concept Store is also the service center thus making it more convenient for the customers.

    I hope this helps. Just leave a comment if you need to know more :)


  6. dj cinco says:

    gud day, i’d like to inquire if the store has an available toshiba netbook NB305? and if there is, can i order one through this site? thanks


    Evanjohnn Reply:

    hello Dj Cinco, unfortunately we don’t know if they happen to have that netbook. purchases from Toshiba can only be made in their store in Cyberzone SM. Hope this helps


  7. jaja-jea says:

    hello….ask for the cost of repair and other parts for laptop, coz my toshiba laptop will not boot up and there is a problem in the hard drive.


  8. jade says:

    recently bought a laptop at sm cebu toshiba concept store. we had some problems with the unit – slow for an i series (when very few apps were only installed). then there was that instant that i got a blue screen while installing an application (YM) which should not be the case. we’re having trouble in restarting the device – still has to push hard the power button (too bad for a new unit). we went to report about how the unit’s working but was instead referred to their repair center (that shouldn’t be the remedy given). the item is still 5days old -should be replaced for less hassle.

    what do you think?
    i am tired dealing with your biased people.


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