Opera Mobile 10 on Nokia E71

operamobile01I was a fan of Opera Mini way back when it was still in its early stages of development. I used it with my old Sony Ericsson K608i mobile phone and it works well for my basic browsing needs.

When I got my hands on my Sony Ericsson W960i Smart Phone, it was when I started using Opera Mobile for UIQ3 (Version 9). It was also during this time when iPhone was boasting its touch-interface Safari browser. I loved the Opera Mobile since it’s performance is at par with that of the Safari.

Just recently, Opera released a newer version of their Opera Mobile web browser, the Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Nokia phones (or for any phone running the Symbian Operating System). I noticed that Opera removed their support for UIQ3 devices. Anyway, I downloaded the 5MB sisx installer on to my Nokia E71 and went through the usual installation process. One major difference between the Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mobile 9 is the application’s fresh new look.


It now implements speed dials which are basically shortcuts to your favorite websites. The speed dial interface, which is the default screen when you open the Opera Mobile, looks similar to Google Chrome’s home screen.


According to Opera, the Opera Mobile 10 is notably faster as compared to its predecessor, the Opera Mobile 9.7.  To download the application, just log on to opera.com/mobile.

Here are a few more screenshots of the new Opera Mobile.




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