Thanks to the ease in portability, the high level of discretion, and the overall health benefits of using a vaporizer over more traditional methods of smoking, vaping is taking off in many areas and new users are popping up in vape shops across the country almost daily.

There are a lot of reasons as to why vaping is a better choice. To start, vaping provides benefits like:

  • No ash
  • No tar
  • No second-hand smoke
  • No odor

Vaping is far better for your health than traditional smoking, and it is also an easier method of smoking dry herbs, as portable vapes can easily fit in your pocket, are discreet, and don’t require you to step outside or find absolute privacy to enjoy.

For a lot of users, all it takes to convince them that it is time to try out vaping it witnessing the ease of use. But seeing someone vaping isn’t quite the same as knowing all of the ins and outs of vaping. Like any hobby, vaping comes with its own culture and user-expectations. New vapers may find it easier to learn the lingo and the basics of the habits prior to heading out with their first vape pen.

Here is a quick breakdown of what you need to know about vaping before you get started:

  1. Vaping isn’t smoking, so don’t expect 100% the same experience.

Vaping offers a lot of benefits over smoking, so you can’t go into vaping expecting the exact same experience. A lot of people prefer the experience of vaping over smoking, once they grow used to it. But think back to how you felt about smoking at first. It wasn’t always something you knew. You had to get used to it, to even get good at it. There is a totally different feel to vaping than there is to smoking. You may want to try vaping at home with a glass of water nearby until you get used to the experience.

  1. Not all vaporizers are the same, so know what you are working with.

There are a lot of different vaporizers on the market, and while the differences between some of the products may seem arbitrary, some of the differences will make or break your experience. For example, some of the biggest factors that separate vapes are their ability to handle multiple types of materials, such as wax, oil, or dry herbs, as well as temperature control. You need to know what you are looking for when you purchase a vape pen to make sure that you get the experience that you want.

  1. Check your battery life often.

You don’t go a day without charging your cell phone. If you want to use your vape every day, then you need to have the same sort of diligent attitude about it. This is especially true for portable vapes, which are the typical go-to option for most new to the vaping scene. There are a lot of vapes that come with micro USB chargers, making it just as easy to charge as your cell phone. Be aware of what your vape needs to keep running smoothly. You can also skip the battery by opting to work with a vape mod.

  1. Empty and clean your vape tank often.

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking, but it does require a little bit of extra upkeep that you may not be used to. The smaller the vape, the smaller the parts. This means that those easy-to-palm portable vapes have a lot of small components that you need to keep clean. Vapes all come with instruction manuals that tell you how to keep those parts clean. Pay attention to this! Don’t neglect your vape. If you do, you won’t be using it for very long.

  1. Vaping will make you thirsty.

Plan ahead and keep a bottle of water with you at any point that you think you may try vaping. This is especially important for new users to understand, as vaping can take a bit of getting used to and you are likely to experience a good bit of dry mouth at first.

  1. Know where and when vaping is okay.

Just because it doesn’t produce a lot of the same side-effects as smoking, that doesn’t mean that vaping gives you a free pass anywhere you go. Vaping can make people nervous, and as a new user you need to be smart about where you pull out your vape to make sure that you don’t start causing any problems. In general, if you were allowed to smoke there, vaping ought to be fine. But don’t assume you can start vaping inside any restaurant and storefront you visit just because.

  1. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

There are a lot of different options out there, and the vaping experience that you start with may not turn out to be your absolute favorite. Consider other options, talk to other vapors, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

7 Pro Tips for Vaping Beginners

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