Although today’s generation has grown up around technology, the vast majority of older people did not. We grew up in a time when researching a subject meant searching through alphabetized encyclopedia at the library and spellcheck was something we had to memorize for our weekly spelling tests.

Over the years, however, things have changed dramatically. With technology constantly improving, education and knowledge is right at our fingertips. Children today are able to answer any question thinkable or learn any skill imaginable with just a few clicks of a button. If you’re looking for a new app to help increase these skills, consider one of the following.

YouTube Red

It probably sounds cliche to put a video sharing sight on this list, but YouTube Red is far more than that now. You can watch anything from “School House Rock” to “Bill Nye The Science Guy” depending on how old your child is. There are also videos dedicated to teaching kids how to read or learn algebra. We actually had to update our WiFi as our kids became older because they were constantly watching historic documentaries on the website. A small price to pay for knowledge in my opinion.

Words With Friends

Kids today don’t want to sit down to play board games. Instead, they download an app where they can do essentially the same thing. That’s when “Worlds With Friends” was born.

This game is so popular amongst my children that it actually caused a melt down when their gadgets stopped working earlier this year. Something about the point system and the fact that they’re able to connect to friends from all over the country makes this game simply addictive. I’m sure there are more educational apps out there, but the fact that children are choosing, by their own accord, to play a game that teaches spelling and vocabulary? That’s a win in my book.


Growing up, there was really no way to learn another language unless someone in your family already spoke it. Now, however? Of course there’s an app for that. Our personal favorite is Duolingo.

This free app will let you learn nearly any language imaginable, and did we mention it’s free? On the first day of using the app, you’ll be taught a few simple keywords and phrases. You can also play games and take quizzes to help you remember these. On the second day, you’ll learn even more. Don’t worry if you miss a day though, the app will alert you, and also allow you to take a refresher course so you don’t fall too far behind.

Diary Zapp

We live in a technological age where something such as a diary may seem obsolete. With the help of this app, however, children are learning to express themselves in an entirely new way.

Diary Zapp allows younger kids, typically those who are struggling with writing, to record their day via their smart device. This not only helps increases creativity, but also confidence. The more children expand their writing and vocabulary throughout the app, the more rewards are unlocked. Parents are also able to monitor what their child posts and can control everything via the parental controls.

Technology is ever-changing, which makes it a little scary, but there are also a lot of great benefits. Children today are able to learn skills that will last them a lifetime all because of a simple web search or app download. We’re living in an age of education, and it’s all thanks to the internet and Wi-Fi.

4 Educational Apps For Kids

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