Technology has made processing on-the-go payments a much simpler process. People use mobile devices for everything, so why should sales transactions be any different? Several types of businesses that could benefit from implementing mobile payment options:

  • Restaurants
  • Stores with large merchandise, like electronics or furniture
  • Food trucks
  • Home repair businesses
  • Pest control companies

There are a few different ways to implement mobile payments into your business. Choosing an option depends on the type of business and the methods employees use to make sales.

  1. Wireless Pay Stations

A wireless pay station is a small touchscreen station that can be picked up and moved anywhere. This solution is great for restaurants that want to provide payment options at the table. With Revel point of sale systems, the wireless option works in conjunction with the full system. This allows you to track transactions and manage inventory.

  1. Handheld Terminals

Retail stores with larger merchandise need to accommodate a different type of transaction process. Because customers can’t bring large purchases to the register, employees often go to the customer. Handheld credit card terminals can slip inside a pouch on the employee’s belt, allowing them to process payments right where they’re standing with the customer.

  1. Smartphone or Tablet Attachments

A smartphone or tablet attachment offers even more opportunity for an employee to make a sale on-the-go. These attachments are small pieces of equipment that take advantage of devices that staff already carry with them. With the Clover POS system, the attachment accepts contactless transactions like Apple Pay and Google Pay. It also takes chip credit cards and magnetic strip cards.

Going mobile with customer transactions can instantly improve sales by allowing employees to take payments anywhere. If you’re unsure how to transition to a mobile system, get an instant quote with a company like Merchant Account Solutions by filling out an online form.

3 Portable Payment Solutions For Your On-the-Go Business

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