Globe Launches SuperStick — Tattoo’s most powerful broadband

Globe announced a couple of days ago the latest addition in their line of mobile broadband products, the new Tattoo SuperStick. The new internet stick acts like a modem and a router at the same time. It lets you surf the web at 3.0 mbps, faster than any mobile broadband stick (service) available in the country. Also, like the Globe Tattoo MyFi, SuperStick can also handle connections to five WiFi devices. But unlike MyFi, SuperStick gives you more freedom and mobility since a connected WiFi device can operate up to 100 meters away.

Globe Tattoo SuperStick is currently available via contract. For 1,299.00, you will get your Tattoo Superstick, one month of free McAfee antivirus protection and 200 free SMS credits every month to any Globe and TM numbers.

Alternately, if you’re not interested in getting a mobile internet connection on contract, you can also get Tattoo MyFi portable hotspot that will let you surf at up to 2.0mbps. The Globe Tattoo MyFi  prepaid kit is available for P4,995.

The Globe Tattoo SuperStick and Globe Tattoo MyFi devices are both produced by Huawei.

Click here for the copy of Globe’s media release.

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  1. May says:

    Does this works on remote areas like northern Mindanao?? I am using globe tattoo internet but its only GPRS GLOBE. =(


  2. Ris says:

    I have the Myfi stick the only problem is you need to put on the window sill to get the maximum speed.


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