Globe’s My Fully Loaded Plan

Globe Telecoms just introduced their all-consumable plans with freebies. :D Globe’s My Fully Loaded Plan starts with PhP 299 pesos a month. You also have the option to add a free handset but you will be subjected to a 24-month lock-in period where you cannot downgrade your plan within the said period.

How to choose your Fully Loaded Plan:

Step 1: Choose your Plan

Plan 299
Plan 499
Plan 999
Plan 1799
Plan 2499
Plan 3799

Step 2: Choose your Freebies
Plan 299 – Choose 1 from A-D
Plan 499 – Choose 2 from A-D
Plan 999 – Choose 3 from A-E
Plan 1799 – Choose 5 from A-E
Plan 2499 – Choose 7 from A-E
Plan 3799 – Choose 9 from A-E or Choose 1 F

These are the following freebies that you may get with your fully loaded plan:
A – Free calls and texts to Globe/TM (10 min. calls & 200 SMS)
B – Free calls and texts to other networks (5 min. calls & 25 SMS)
C – Free International calls and texts to 10 Destinations (20 mins. IDD and 10 ISMS) (Destinations included are: US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand)
D – Free mobile surfing (3 hours)
E – Free SUPER ONE unlimited calls and texts to ONE GLOBE NUMBER
F – Free Super Surf (Unlimited Surfing)

Plan 299 and Plan 499 subscribers may also add E for a price. 100 pesos will be deducted from the consumable load.

Each freebie that you choose to go with your plan is set to auto-renew every thirty days. You have the option to change the freebies that you will get every month as you wish by calling the Globe Hotline or by going to a Globe Store near you.

Step 3: Add a Free handset (optional)

Plan 299: Samsung E2120 or Nokia 1680
Plan 499: Samsung C3053 or Nokia 2690
Plan 999: Samsung C3510 or Nokia X3
Plan 1799: BlackBerry Curve 8520 or HTC Tattoo
Plan 2499: Samsung B7610 or Nokia X6
Plan 3799: iPhone 3GS 16GB or BlackBerry Bold 9700

Rates are as follows:
Plan 299 to Plan 999:
PhP 6.50/min. to Globe/TM
PhP 7.50/min. to Other networks

Plan 1799 to Plan 3799:
PhP 6.00/min. to Globe/TM
PhP 6.50/min. to Other networks


  1. Rosemary says:

    Freebie A and B are just too weak to entice. If you are this weak a user stick to prepaid and take advantage of their more worthwhile promos. At least scratch cards of 300 and 500 give free texts to other networks.

    Globe My SuperPlan super unli is still the best deal.


    Ariel Reply:

    Is a P300-card better than getting free 200sms and 10-min call on top of a P299 consumable? I see it as getting P565 worth of calls and text and paying only P299. If there’s anything I missed please let me know as I’m about to get this plan.


    Clawy Reply:

    I’ve posted the breakdown of my postpaid bill for plan 299+A. It will give you an idea.

    Check below for my post.


  2. Kinny says:

    For people who call and text mostly 1 person= with SuperOne and supertxt (if you text others instead of call). 299 package A or B+100+299= 698 a month. Not bad at all.

    If it’s a secret number between you and someone? 299 + 100 for super one.= 399


  3. nio jr says:

    is the subscriber given the option which to cfonsume first between plan 299 and freebie? or consume plan 299 first, then the freebie?


  4. nio jr says:

    i already availed of this package. just want to know. thanks


  5. micheal says:

    i hope all phones are much more hi-quality and not just like a 3310…

    much better sa sun cell. all phones are updated and unlike sa globe di gaano kaganda yung mga units…..

    sa sun P350 plan they offer touch screen adn a higi quality phones like myphone qt7 qwerty pad….

    i hope globes can give freebies like sa sun..



  6. louise says:

    I want to ask if the handsets are given right away? Or is there a lock up with those too? Are they availed of after registering or wait the 2 years?


  7. Clawy says:

    I’m on Plan 299+A (free 10min call+200SMS) for 4 months now. I’m kinda hating it.

    I’m not a heavy mobile user but I like the ease-of-use it offers. Readily-usable mobile loads (specially on emergencies. Anyway, I bought cellphones for very important urgent stuff. I don’t need to rush to any stores for call cards in panic mode.) and ease of payment (I wire my payments thru BPI online). However, their charging puzzles me.

    In Plan 299+A. The Php299 is claimed consumable. But it doesn’t seem so in my current bill.

    This is my usage:
    16min call (worth P95.53). I was charged only P35.72 for the 6 min.
    135sms to globe/tm (worth P120.24). No charge.
    31sms to other networks. I was charged P27.68 (0.89/sms)
    P4.46 for infotext i don’t think I availed.
    24 transactions for content downloading charges (i don’t recall either). I was charged P21.42

    ==> P89.28. + 10% tax = Php 99.99

    I thought this P99.99 will be subtracted from the P299 consumable but it was not. My 1.5K left balance from last month was now down to 1.4k. If the P299 is really consumable, my 1.5k should remain intact. If in prepaid, I would have only paid P262. Now, in postpaid, I have paid P299 + 99.99 = ~P400. That’s P138 difference!!

    If you’re a heavier user, try to calculate your possible loss.


  8. Miko says:

    how does the consumable 299 work? Can I register to super 150 and let it be deducted on the 299 monthly consumable balance? or is it on top of the 299 charge?


  9. kylee says:

    okay! i need a suggestion kung anong package to get> im planning to have 299 then a freebie ( d )3 hour mobile surfing??


  10. ellaine says:

    ano ung about sa narinig q n blackberry curve plan 999? is that for real? can u send details to my mail thanku


  11. bianca says:

    I want to apply for the globe plan 999, but I want to know if its only 999 PHP && no extra payments for it?? &&& What if I can’t pay for it in a month ? What would happen?? would you get back the blackberry crve ??


  12. rose says:

    how to quit on globe plan 299?


  13. riz says:

    .I was planning to get the globe 299 plan (still thinking)but for me, sun is still the best. .I was a sun subscriber for 6 and a half years. .for a Php 350 plan -250 free sms to other networks and unlimited sun to sun calls, san ka pa?. . .sana sa globe unlimited calls din kapag globe to globe. . .


  14. mike says:

    i subscribed to 299 plan and choose my super one as freebie so instead of 299 consumable they deduct 100 pesos instead of 175 so my consumable amount would be 199, not bad at all…you can have unlimited call and text to a chosen number and consumed the 199 for texting or calling… before i choose freebie A but my super one rocks! Glad i’ve choose globe kasi sa sun walang signal sa ibang location…if stable lang ang signal ng sun i better choose their network because we cannot deny the fact that they are the cheapest and the most reasonable network in the philippines…hope my comment helps with other subscribers…good luck guys and have fun chatting! God bless :)


  15. Juls says:

    I availed plan 299 3days ago and i registered on MYSUPERONE with a Globe number but whenever i text or call the number, globe still charges me for it. After 3days of texting and calling the number i registered MYSUPERONE to, my total unbilled charge was P175.73. (CHECK THIS OUT)

    Other Network = P33.49
    Local/Voice Promo = P24.38
    154 SMS:Local = P137.51
    Internet = P4.46
    MyGlobe = P8.93

    I never used my 3G internet, just texted another GLOBE number 2-3 times, NEVER TEXTED ON OTHER NETWORKS. Why is GLOBE still charging me for texting the Registered MYSUPERONE number?

    I think Globe’s messing with me or something. @-)


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